Too much heart for a new hip

Fargo man with no family history of arthritis receives stem cell injections

FARGO — “It hurts just to go down.”

This is 41-year-old Cyle Cavett explaining the pain he feels while doing the simplest things, like feeding his dogs. He put up with it for three years. Cavett is the first in his family with arthritis — his left hips bones banging together ab forcing mapped-out trips to the grocery store.

"I can only go down so many aisles before the pain is going to get so bad that I can't walk anymore," Cavett said.

On top of that, some doctors decided he needs a hip replacement that may result in many more.

“It was, to me, almost like a death sentence because I'm just going, 'Okay, so I have to stop doing everything I love doing,'" Cavett said.


As a husband of 10 years and a father of two, it looked like backyard activities would have to take a backseat.

“That really scared me.

However, enter a second opinion from Sanford Orthopedics and Sports Medicine and stem cell science. Last November, they collected cells from his back and injected them into his now-healed hip.

“It blew my mind quite a bit," Cavett said.

“I know that this for him was kind of his last resort, but he still came into it with a positive thought, a positive thought process," said Sanford Orthopedics sports medicine specialist Dr. Jason Sharp.

A positive thought process and procedure that helped turn back time on his hip’s clock.

“Next for him is basically living his life," Dr. Sharp said.

“If you're being told you have to have replacements done, because I don't think you necessarily need to, I'm walking proof of that," Cavett said.

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