The Rink Live's Policy on Affiliate Links

Affiliated Link Policy

The Rink Live is committed to providing extensive coverage of hockey on every level: youth, high school, junior leagues and prospects, college and the pros.

Our mission is to provide the best hockey journalism available — stories, videos, photos, infographics and more to bring the sport closer to those who love the game as much as we do. The Rink Live is an independent, family-owned media company, and we are not paid to cover teams, players or issues.

At The Rink Live, we guard our reputation and understand our readers' opinion of our work is our most valuable asset.

That said, we do rely on revenue generated from advertising and sponsorships to fund our hockey coverage. Visitors to The Rink Live may visit the sites of our advertising and sponsor partners, purchasing products through links found on The Rink Live. When visitors purchase a product through a link from The Rink Live, we earn an affiliate commission.

Here’s how it works: If you click a link on one of our pages that goes to an affiliate retailer, the URL automatically recognizes that you came from The Rink Live. We may earn a small commission, if you purchase a product, to help defray the cost of our work. Your cost is the same as if you went directly to the affiliated site and made a purchase.

The Rink Live is deliberate and mindful of the products we link to and the retailers that sell them, offering you competitive pricing and hassle-free shopping.

These affiliate links do not factor into our editorial coverage. They are designed to make your purchases simple and smooth.

When a manufacturer, retailer or other company has paid for any editorial placement on our website, it is clearly labeled as Sponsored Content.

If you have any questions about our affiliate links, please send an email to