The UND men's hockey team will be wearing new jerseys at home from time to time.

UND unveiled the alternate home jerseys Wednesday morning.

They are white and say 'NODAK' diagonally on the front. There is a green stripe along the bottom of the jersey and two on the arms. The number appears only on the back. The Fighting Hawk logos are on the shoulders.

The jersey is reminiscent of ones the team wore in the 1950s. Those were also white and said 'Sioux' diagonally across the front.

The alternate home jerseys will be paired with green pants and green helmets. The helmets also will say 'NODAK' on them. The National Collegiate Hockey Conference logo will be above the nameplate on the back. They are made by Adidas.

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UND has not yet said when they will wear them for the first time, but it won't be a one-time thing.

UND has long had two different jerseys for road games.

It has the traditional green jersey and the alternate black jerseys.

The green jerseys are most-frequently used. The Fighting Hawks will often break out the black jerseys for big games or when the team is needing a victory.

The traditional white jerseys that say 'North Dakota' across the front with the number in between the two words will be worn most often. But, like the black jerseys, UND will break out the alternate white jerseys for special occasions, big games or, perhaps, just when the team is needing a win. is expected to start selling the alternate home jerseys this week.

This is the second jersey reveal of this season for UND.

It wore special green jerseys for the Nashville game against Penn State in October. Those were similar to the jerseys UND wore in 1994. The Nashville jerseys were a one-time, special event jersey. There are no plans to use them again.