The Minnesota Duluth athletic department announced its name, image and likeness program for its student-athletes on Friday, called the "Bulldog Advantage.”

On July 1, the NCAA began allowing student-athletes at all levels to be compensated for their name, image or likeness — something that had previously been expressly prohibited by the NCAA in the name of preserving a student-athlete’s amateur status.

UMD’s “Bulldog Advantage” program is meant to assist student-athletes by providing them tools to manage their name, image and likeness opportunities. Among those tools UMD plans to provide are courses on branding, social media usage, entrepreneurship, networking and finance.

Student-athletes are required to disclose any name, image and likeness activities and student-athletes are still not allowed to receive compensation based on their athletic performance. The use of registered or licenced UMD marks, logos, verbiage or designs is not permitted without prior consent.

More information, including an FAQ, on UMD’s name, image and likeness program can be found here.