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What all is involved in off-ice testing at hockey combines and prospect camps?

Many high school age hockey players will be competing at camps and combines throughout the summer. Here's what skills and abilities are expected of prospective players by scouts and teams.

A player at the 2022 USHL combine prepares for a long jump activity in the off-ice testing portion of the weekend.
Sydney Wolf / The Rink Live

ORLAND PARK, Ill. — Whether you're going to a development camp, summer showcase or a league combine this summer, you'll likely be required to participate in off-ice testing and training.

Most camps and combines require the same, or similar, activities and tests of aspiring players. At the 2022 USHL combine, players had to go through a series of tests including jumps, sprints, and strength examinations.

Knowing what to expect at these events is important so that players can be prepared to showcase their skills in the best way possible.

Players will typically start off with a warm-up activity — such as lunges, box jumps, or stretches — before going into more rigorous testing. They will also be weighed and their height and reach measurements will be taken.

Next, players can expect to do both a standing vertical jump and a standing long jump. Typically, players have only two chances in each test to show their best effort.


You can then expect a grip strength test, where players must squeeze as hard as possible.

Lastly, various sprints will be required. There is normally both a shorter, shuttle-run type activity and then a longer, mid-distance, all-out sprint.

For more detailed information and examples on what to expect at these combines and camps, watch the full video below!

Revenig, a 5-foot-10 defenseman for the Hornets, finished up his sophomore season in 2021-22 with 12 points in 29 games.

Sydney Wolf is a reporter for The Rink Live, primarily covering youth hockey. She joined the team in November of 2021 and graduated from St. Cloud State University with a B.S. in Mass Communications and a minor in Writing and Rhetoric Studies and was a part of the University Honors Program.
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