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TRL reporters' question: What is more annoying: long video reviews or several delays to dropping the puck?

The Rink Live beat reporters answer the question about the University of Minnesota, Minnesota Duluth, University of North Dakota, Bemidji State, Minnesota State University-Mankato and St. Cloud State.


Our question this week for The Rink Live beat reporters is: What is more annoying during games: long video reviews or several delays to dropping the puck because the linesmen are being overly picky?

Those reporters are Mick Hatten, Jess Myers, Christian Babcock, Shane Frederick, Brad Schlossman, and Matt Wellens. Hatten covers St. Cloud State, Myers covers the University of Minnesota, Babcock covers Bemidji State, Frederick covers Minnesota State University-Mankato, Schlossman covers the University of North Dakota and Wellens covers Minnesota Duluth.

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Mick Hatten (Huskies): Most of the time, the long video reviews are deciding major penalties or goals. Those are pretty major elements in a game. The nit picking on faceoffs throughout a game is more bothersome.

Christian Babcock (Beavers): I would say the faceoff delays are more annoying. Not only do I understand why they do the replay reviews, in the CCHA, they'll actually explain to you what they're looking at, which is very helpful. I hope they'll implement that for the WCHA.


Jess Myers (Gophers): I’m a huge proponent of video review. Get the call right using all available tools at your disposal. But I’d be in favor of a 90-second clock on the review process, and after 90 seconds, the call on the ice stands.

Matt Wellens (Bulldogs): The Bulldogs have had to sit through a number of long, strange video reviews this season, including a goal review during a shootout that lasted four and a half minutes. That's four and a half minutes of our precious short lives we'll never get back for a shootout goal.

Brad Schlossman (Fighting Hawks): The NCAA Rules Committee might have to take a look at forcing coaches to put their challenges/timeouts on the line to get video reviews instead of reviewing everything.

Mick Hatten is a reporter and editor for Forum News Service and helps manage TheRinkLive.com, a website dedicated to hockey. He began working for Forum Communications in November 2018 and has covered St. Cloud State University hockey since 2010. A graduate of St. Cloud State, he has more than 30 years of experience as a journalist and has been a youth hockey coach since 2014. mhatten@forumcomm.com

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