How to properly tape your hockey stick

Are you ready to hit the ice and play some hockey? Before you do, make sure you’ve properly taped your hockey stick.

Tape like a pro.

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Whether you’re a hockey beginner or an experienced player, it’s important to have the right gear to make sure you’re always prepared. One of the most important pieces of equipment for hockey players is their hockey stick . If you’re looking to improve your puck control and accuracy it’s important to know how to properly tape your hockey stick.

The first thing to consider is what type of tape you’re going to use. Tape protects the blade from wear and tear – ultimately increasing the longevity of your hockey stick. The most popular options are cloth , grip or friction tape . Cloth tape comes in two different widths, 1 inch and 1.5 inch. The 1.5 inch might be better suited for goalies. Grip tape is more commonly used for the handle of your hockey stick, ensuring your stick won’t slip through your hand. Friction tape is used for the blade and typically lasts longer than cloth tape. It also improves your puck control.

When you’re ready to start taping your hockey stick, first, make sure the stick surface is clean and dry. If there’s any dirt or moisture on the surface, it will make it harder for the tape to properly adhere. Once the surface is clean, you can start applying the tape.

Start by wrapping the tape around the bottom of the stick towards the toe or bend of the blade, making sure to overlap the edges as you work your way up the blade. Make sure to wrap the tape tightly so it doesn’t wrinkle and come undone while you’re playing. You want the blade to be as smooth as possible.


Once you’ve wrapped the tape around the blade, trim the excess using a sharp blade to cut the tape . To ensure your tape lasts longer, consider applying hockey stick wax . You can also take a hockey puck and rub it back and forth along the blade to keep ice and snow from sticking to the tape.

That’s it! Tape can take your game to the next level, so it’s important to make sure you do it correctly. Follow these steps and you’ll be on the ice in no time.

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