The goal was first popularized by Michigan's Mike Legg against Minnesota.

Standing behind the net, Legg picked up the puck on the blade of his stick and threw it in the net behind Gopher goalie Steve DeBus during the 1996 NCAA tournament.

That type of goal -- whether you call it a 'lacrosse goal,' the 'Michigan' goal or anything else -- has had a revival this season.

Andrei Svechnikov of the Carolina Hurricanes has pulled it off twice during NHL games -- first against the Calgary Flames and then against the Winnipeg Jets.

Since then, others at all levels of hockey have been doing it. Michigan commit Kent Johnson of Trail in the British Columbia Hockey League has done it twice this season.

UND forward Collin Adams played on a line with Svechnikov with the Muskegon Lumberjacks in the United States Hockey League and has a unique perspective on those highlight-reel goals.

Adams answered five questions about them.

Q. Did you ever see Svechnikov do it in juniors?

A. I actually didn't see it in juniors. I don't know where he picked that up, but he just started doing that in the NHL and now you see kids doing it. You see a lot of videos -- kids at all sorts of levels trying it and successfully doing it. Maybe I might try it once.

Q. Svechnikov never even tried it in practice?

A. No. He was always messing around with the puck and doing skill work and stuff like that. Once Auston Matthews did his thing, where he'd pick up the puck, he was playing around with that, so I knew he could do that. So, I'm not surprised that he did that.

Q. What was your reaction when you saw Svechnikov did it the first time?

A. I was like, 'He actually did that in a game?' I saw the Michigan goal when I was younger, watching Michigan growing up. To see it picked up like that, how Svechnikov did it, it's impressive and it's a very good skill.

Q. Who on UND's team would be most likely to pull it off during a game?

A. I'd say (Jordan) Kawaguchi, for sure.

Q. Has anyone been trying it in practice?

A. I tried it once in practice, actually. Didn't score. No, I definitely think Jordan would be the one to try to pull that one out.