Q. You scored your first goal of the season last Saturday, how did that feel?

A. Yeah, I mean to get that monkey off your back felt really nice. We got a jump start to the game with that, and the team pulled through after that and it was just a fun experience.

Q. You’re a hometown boy. Your dad played hockey at UND. Your uncle and aunt played baseball and softball here, too. Has North Dakota always been your dream school?

A. By far. Just growing up in Grand Forks, it’s a one-of-a-kind place. You grow up coming to games. These guys are the professionals. I thought it was the coolest thing ever to play here, and still is, so it’s awesome.

Q. At Grand Forks Central, you obviously played hockey, but you also played baseball. Did you ever consider going the baseball route instead?

A. No, it was too slow-paced for me. I quit my senior year to just focus on hockey, but I couldn’t take the long practices. It was just too slow for me, so I just stuck with hockey.

Q. You came to UND as a defenseman, but switched over to forward your sophomore year. Which one do you think is harder?

A. I’d have to go with forward. It’s a lot quicker. As a defenseman, everything is in front of you. At forward, you have to know what to do with the puck right away, and it's just a lot quicker and a lot more conditioning.

Q. You grew up here. What’s your favorite restaurant in town?

A. Red Pepper.

Q. What’s your order?

A. Half salami, taco meat grinder with two hard schneiders and a cheese tostada.

Q. If you were in charge, what music would be constantly playing in the locker room?

A. A mix between EDM (electronic dance music) and rap.

Q. Is there anyone in the locker room that absolutely hates that type of music?

A. Either Smitty (Cole Smith) or Yoner (Zach Yon). They’re into country, so I’d go with them.

Q. Is there ever a battle of who gets to play what?

A. Some people play some bad music so we’d tell them to turn it off, but not too much.

Q. Who has the worse music taste?

A. Grant Mismash. He listens to some hardcore rap, and sometimes he plays it in the morning and it’s just not the time.

Q. What is one special talent/hidden skill that UND fans would be surprised to know?

A. I used to wakeboard a lot and wake surf. I was pretty decent, so I think that would be it.

Q. Did you do that on the lakes in Minnesota?

A. Yeah, I have a cabin on Grace Lake in between Bemidji and Cass. Dixon Bowen is on that lake as well, so we have a good time.