With work ethic and leadership, Max Phillips reaches 100-goal milestone for high school career

By Steve Wagner

WADENA, Minn. — When Max Phillips first laced up a pair of hockey skates, he hated it.

But watching his older brother, Dylan, the game continued to draw him back to the ice.

As a high school freshman, he was called up to the Wadena-Deer Creek varsity team. Dylan, a senior, was the captain.

This year, as a senior, Max climbed the leaderboard to finish third for points in school history. In the regular season finale, he notched two goals to end with 100 in 97 regular season games.

“Last year, we had a really good year. It was our first winning season in close to 10 years,” coach Scott Woods said. “A kid like Max is a big part of that. He puts in the extra time, he works hard.”

With his prep career over, Max  now has his eyes set on playing juniors, but it’s a bit of an emotional end for his father, Pete Phillips.

“I have been announcing one of my two boys play hockey for 16 years and I’m going to miss it,” Pete said. “I don’t think it will be the same if I’m not calling Phillips every now and then.”

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